Full Building Survey Level 3

A Full Building Survey (also known as a Level 3 Survey) is the most in-depth and comprehensive of our reports.

A Full Building Survey consists of a detailed visual inspection of the building, its services and the grounds that is more extensive than a Home Buyers Report.  It describes the condition and provides an assessment of the relative importance of the defects/problems and potential issues which could arise should they not be addressed.

We would recommend you select this option should your property be more than 100 years old, larger in size, run-down, of non-conventional construction, or if you plan to undertake extensive works.

We are on hand to talk through any information or advice provided in your report after you have received it so you can feel confident about understanding your potential purchase. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch, either use the contact form on this page or our full details are here.