Snag List

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One of our most popular services is a Snag List and one of our most popular questions is do I need a Building Survey or a Snag List?. Our recommendation is if your property is a new build then you need a snag list and if its an existing property that you are buying  you need a house survey. A Snag List is a detailed report, itemising incomplete or poorly constructed work. Snag lists are normally undertaken when the purchaser is notified by the builder/developer that their property is fully complete.

A snag list identifies anything which falls below good standards of workmanship.  We find that a typical Snag List of a 3-bed semi-detached home will expect to find over 100 itemised snags.  A Snag List is issued by Nigel Redmond Planning & Design to your builder details a list of snagging items that they will need to attend to prior to the finalisation of Contracts. 

Upon request, we are happy to revisit your property in Wexford to carry out a follow up inspection to ensure that the Snag List is fully carried out. For more information, please contact us here.