Schedule of Dilapidation

Schedule of Dilapidation

A Schedule of Dilapidation consists of a detailed visual inspection of a Commercial or Industrial building and takes the form of a visual appraisal of the main parts of the structure including walls, floors and finishes, internal and external areas for the purposes of preparing a pre-lease condition survey.

Dilapidations commonly known as a Commercial Pre-Lease Condition Survey of items of disrepair or defects.  Tenants are usually obligated to rectify or pay to have items of disrepair/ defects remedied under repairing covenants contained in their lease prior to an exit, break or natural ending of a lease.

The main issues that arise from dilapidations involve certain breaches of tenants’ covenants relating to the state of repair of premises demised by a commercial lease.  There is a particular focus on damages claims for breaches of a tenant’s repairing, redecorating, reinstatement, and statutory covenants. 

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